Group Orders

We’ve supplied group orders to numerous organizations, including government entities (law enforcement and branches of the military), sports teams and clubs, outdoor-oriented businesses, and scientific and marine research teams. Group orders include customized and non-customized gear, and we work closely with you via email and phone to make sure you receive the exact gear that your organization needs.

Why a Group Order Makes Sense

  • Customization. If you’d like to customize Breakwater Supply products with your logo, our Fogland Backpack offers excellent placement for a smaller logo below the front pocket zipper. We offer this in the same color (dark gray reflective) as our Wave logo. Please note that customized product is dependent on timing. We’ll be upfront in determining if customization can be offered within our manufacturing schedule. If not doable this time around, it’s best to opt for non-customized product and revisit customization during our next manufacturing run, which generally will be in the next one or two seasons.
  • Shipping. Free shipping makes everything easier, and if you’re located in the US (including Alaska and Hawaii), we provide free shipping in your group order quote. This means no hidden fees, and your entire order goes out in one shipment. You can provide any specific shipping instructions and we’ll make sure to follow them. If you’re located outside of the US, we have several shipping options to find the most cost-effective shipping method for your location.
  • Bulk Discount. We always provide a group order discount – always. It reflects our appreciation for the collaborative process, as well as your support for what we do as a company. We thank you for the opportunity to provide your organization with Breakwater Supply gear.

To receive a quote for a group order, you can call us at 413-285-2184 or submit the form below and we’ll reply the same business day. Our goal is to provide your organization with the gear you need as quickly as possible. We’ll reply to your inquiry with a quote, which is payable online. Once your order is paid and assembled, we’ll email you with tracking as it goes out.

If required, we can provide a W-9 and Form 889. We’re excited to put together a group order for you and look forward to shipping Breakwater Supply gear to your organization.

Group Order Inquiry