Our Story

We make gear that takes you from the woods, to the water, to daily life. Gear that goes anywhere, in all types of weather, through every type of outdoor activity. We’ve got a pretty good testing ground: we’re based in the northeastern US where we get a heavy dose of the four seasons. It’s freezing in the winter, hot in the summer, and wet and dry in between.

Point being: we need all-weather, all-conditions gear that can keep up.

We’ve traced the banks of the Deerfield River hundreds of times, and scoured the harbors and beaches along the Narragansett Bay just as much. Spending time outdoors leads to plenty of teachable moments, and we learned the hard way that we all need gear that stands up to harsh weather and unrelenting water with no compromises. It’s this approach to product design that inspires the weatherproof and waterproof gear for which we’re known.

Value is Our Core Value

We create products for all of you: paddlers, anglers, hikers, cyclists, boaters, jet-skiers, surfers, triathletes, photographers, divers, commuters, backpackers, hunters…and those of you who are none of the above.

We keep all of these uses front and center, designing our gear to be your go-to for just about everything, including casual, everyday use. The way we see it, the versatility of our gear replaces the need for buying different products for different activities, which is part of a sustainable and less wasteful lifestyle. And since the outdoors are accessible to all, we prioritize making gear that’s affordable, exceptionally durable, and more capable than anything else on the market, often providing features that don’t exist anywhere else.


We incorporate earth-friendly fabrics, such as our non-toxic, recyclable Hydrowall TPU, and avoid materials and finishes that can damage the ecosystem. For our waterproof PVC products, we’ve partnered with manufacturers of phthalate-free vinyl to create high-quality, durable, safe PVC-coated textile that meets strict European regulations.

We take to heart what it means to “tread lightly.” Our products are engineered to utilize a small footprint, be easy on the body, and not be more than you need them to be. They’re lightweight, ergonomic, and easy to store. You’ll find this in all of our products, and our infographics will highlight these features.

Feedback is Important to Us

If you’ve had a great experience with our products, have suggestions, or want to drop us a note, send us your feedback by clicking here. We appreciate all of you around the globe who support what we do, and it means the world to us that Breakwater Supply has become your go-to outdoor gear provider.