Our Story

Breakwater Supply was founded to create gear that enables you to go anywhere. Our small collective is based in the northeastern US, where we get a heavy dose of the four seasons. It’s freezing in the winter, hot in the summer, and wet and dry in between.

Point being: we need all-weather, all-conditions gear that can keep up.

Our background in the outdoors come from lifetimes spent on trails and around the water. We have one of the most famous trail systems in the world here, being the Appalachian Trail and the various spurs that come off of it. After hiking many of its peaks, we have a massive appreciation for this trail system and an understanding of what it takes to be prepared when hitting the trail.

Like you, we’re drawn to the water as well. Some of the greatest open water and rivers exist in the Northeast, such as the Deerfield River in Western Massachusetts, and the many harbors and coves along the Atlantic Ocean. It’s during these splash-filled adventures we’ve come to value how important waterproof gear truly is.

Go Anywhere

Outdoor adventure is thrilling, and it’s not done on a closed course. There’s many variables that come into play, and that’s why we make innovative outdoor gear that handles different conditions. We innovate in many different ways: material, functionality, and also affordability. When we finalize our product designs, we’re confident our gear will go anywhere, protect what’s inside, and do it efficiently.


We incorporate earth-friendly fabrics, such as non-toxic TPU, and avoid materials and finishes that are damaging to our ecosystem. We’ve partnered with manufacturers of phthalate-free vinyl to create high-quality, durable, safe PVC-coated textile for our waterproof PVC products.

We take to heart what it means to “tread lightly.” Our products are engineered to utilize a small footprint, be easy on the body, and not be more than you need them to be. They’re lightweight, ergonomic, and easy to store. You’ll find this in all of our products, and our infographics will often highlight these features.

Feedback is Important to Us

If you’ve had a great experience with our products, have suggestions, or just want to drop us a note, you can send us your feedback by clicking here.