Breakwater Supply Hingeless Carabiner 4-Pack

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Made of unbreakable POM plastic, these ultralight hingeless carabiners make it easy to attach gear to hook-up points. Ships as a pack of 4.

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Breakwater Supply Hingeless Ultralight Carabiners size comparison

Just the right size.

As a carry accessory, these hit the sweet spot: not too big, not too small. At only 1.75″ long by 1″ wide (4.5cm x 2.5cm) and weighing less than 3 grams each (that’s as much as a single US penny), they’re the ultimate weight and space-savers.

Perfect for backpack D-rings!

For those days you just don’t have enough pockets, the Breakwater Supply Hingeless Ultralight Carabiners are here to help. Snap them onto your backpack’s D-rings and attach smaller items like your keys, water bottle, Airpods/headphone cases, and more.

At home, on the water, or at the campsite, these non-corrosive gear hooks are highly versatile, and can also be used to hang sun-shades, clothes, or lights.

Breakwater Supply Hingeless Ultralight Carabiner attached to Fogland Backpack Shoulder Strap D-ring
Breakwater Supply Hingeless Ultralight Carabiner connecting Fogland Backpack to small fly-fishing tackle box

Flexible and secure.

Bend the flexible gate outwards to easily slide onto straps, handles, and loops, making it a breeze to attach and detach your gear.

Plus, the gate and lip of each carabiner interlock at their contact point – eliminating side-to-side movement and preventing them from accidentally opening, keeping your gear 100% secure.

Easily Attach Large Items

Slide them onto the carabiner attachment points on our Fogland and Explorer Backpacks – or use on D-rings, MOLLE loops, and lash tabs on any other backpack.

When you modularize your gear setup using these hingeless carabiners, it’s suddenly easy to bring along your bike helmet, an extra pair of shoes, and even an accessory bag (or two). It’s a whole ‘nother dimension of carry!

Note: use as gear attachment hooks ONLY. Not to be used for climbing.

Breakwater Supply Hingeless Ultralight Carabiners with Bike Helmet and Fogland Backpack
Glow Carabiners

Grab the white ones for a glow!

Our white glow-in-the-dark (GITD) variation gives off a soft green glow without ever needing batteries.

To make them glow brightly, put them directly in bright light – such as the light from your phone’s flashlight. You can expect the glow to be brightest for a few minutes and become dimmer with time. Perfect for keys and other small items!


Reviews (13)

13 reviews for Breakwater Supply Hingeless Carabiner 4-Pack

Based on 13 reviews
  1. Guest

    These are lightweight and low profile. Great for light duty applications. Attaching gear to backpacks and such. I got these for hanging my child’s toys to the ceiling of my garage.

  2. Guest

    This is an interesting concept – a gateless carabiner. My first impression is that this is a product of good quality. A bit smaller than I expected but that’s not necessarily a problem. It does fit through a molle-style attachment point. On initial testing it seems to be flexible enough for most uses. Long term durability may be an issue, it’s hard to tell with some polymer products. For the right person, this is the right product.

  3. Guest

    I’ve always used aluminum or titanium carabiners for my EDC and because I use them for a lot of other purposes. What I really like about them:
    1. You never have to worry about the hinge mechanism getting slightly bent and getting out of whack.
    2. High level of resistance so I feel more secure with these than other non-locking carabiners.
    2. Completely waterproof and will never rust or corrode.
    3. SUPER lightweight- even more than my titanium carabiners.

    Possible downsides:
    1. I can see that those with limited hand strength (i.e. small kids, disabled, etc.) might have a difficult time with these because it’s not as easy to hold open with a simple hinge. This one fights back.

    Overall, I absolutely recommend.

  4. Guest

    I added these carabiner hooks to my Osprey Aether 60 pack and my Camelbak daypack for overnight backpacking and day hike trips. So far they work well and have no issues holding my hydroflask 16oz water bottle or Camelbak water bottle.

    I’ll update if they end up snapping or failing while hiking on the trail.

  5. Guest

    These plastic clips are very durable even though they are plastic. The are very strong and I use one of them to attach my mailbox key to my car keyring so I can disconnect it to get my mail. The clips maintain their shape and securely hold the key. They aren’t quite 2″ in length. Since it’s not made of metal its lighter and does not clang around.

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Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in

Black, Orange, Tan, White (Glow in the Dark)

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