Breakwater Supply Waterproof Survival First Aid Kit

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A customer favorite! This Waterproof Survival First Aid Kit features 101 first aid and emergency supplies inside a floating dry bag. It’s perfect for the trail or the water.

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The lightweight emergency kit that’s made for the outdoors.

Finally, you can stop choosing between first aid or emergency survival supplies! This lightweight 101-piece kit contains everything necessary when you’re off the beaten path: comprehensive first aid supplies and emergency survival equipment. It’s all packed in one waterproof bag, with a heavy-duty carabiner to keep it right where it needs to be.

This first aid kit is perfect for literally anything from hiking to hunting to boating.
Adam, Amazon Reviewer

Because One Kit Saves Space!

Putting first aid trauma supplies and emergency survival gear into one kit helps you pack light and consolidate space. This Waterproof Survival First Aid Kit serves a dual purpose and makes the perfect accessory on the water or on the trail.

Don’t Be Stuck with Wet Supplies

Made of welded PVC-coated tarpaulin, the compact 2-liter dry bag is fully waterproof and floats on the surface, with a reflective first aid symbol for extra visibility at dusk/nighttime. For maximum waterproof protection, roll 3 times and buckle (see instructions below).

Clip It & Go!

At 11″ high and only 1.3 lbs, you’ll love how easy it is to stash the Survival First Aid Kit with camping gear, on your kayak/boat, or in your vehicle. The shape and flexibility allows it to fit in tight spots where no hard plastic case could ever go. And it also has a heavy-duty locking carabiner so you can hook it onto your daypack, kayak, or just about anything else.

Full First Aid Trauma Kit

The kit is preloaded with a full set of first aid trauma supplies, including:

  • 30 adhesive bandages
  • 4 absorbent gauze pads (including ABD pad) and compression wraps
  • Large triangular bandage
  • Burn dressing
  • Tourniquet
  • CPR mask
  • Foam/aluminum survival splint
  • Antibiotic ointment and sterilization pads, and more.

Crucial Emergency Survival Gear

Don’t panic — buy yourself time with survival tools and emergency supplies. Survival supplies included are:

  • Emergency blanket
  • Rain poncho
  • Stainless steel wire saw
  • Multitool with pliers, serrated and sharp blades, flat & philips head screwdrivers, and LED light
  • Duct tape
  • Paracord survival bracelet with a fire starter, whistle, fishing supplies, and compass.

Versatile Paracord Bracelet

Paracord bracelets are nothing new, but every one has a different level of functionality. The bracelet inside the Survival First Aid Kit includes a magnesium fire starter, compass, scraper & can opener, emergency whistle, 9+ feet of 7-strand paracord rope, and a spartan fishing kit that’s stored inside a compartment at the end of the bracelet (2.5 feet of monofilament line, rubber worm, and fishing hook). Combined with the wire saw and multitool, you’re covered in tough situations.

Everything an emergency kit should be.

Be prepared in case of injury AND in case you need to hunker down – that’s what this kit’s designed for, and it’s exactly what an emergency kit should be. All 101 first aid and survival supplies have been expertly hand-picked to serve a critical purpose in a variety of situations. And at a total weight of only 1.3 lbs, including the waterproof bag with carabiner, this kit is among the lightest of its kind.

Make it Waterproof: Roll and Buckle the Dry Bag

Step 1: Prepare to Roll

With the dry bag completely unrolled, force out excess air, then grab the top and begin to roll down, towards the back of the bag.

Step 2: Roll 3 Times

Roll the top of the bag 3 times until the carabiner is facing up.

Step 3: Buckle

With each side of the buckle in opposite hands, connect at the top and fasten. This creates a waterproof seal and functions as a carry handle.

Full Packing List (101 Pieces)

Antibiotic Ointment – 0.9g (2), Bandages, Adhesive – 76mm x 25mm (10), Bandages, Adhesive Standard Size – 76mm x 19mm (10), Bandages, Adhesive Knuckle – 76mm x 38mm (5), Bandages, Adhesive Spot – 20mm x 20mm (5), Bandage, Compression Roll – 8cm x 10cm (1), Bandage, PBT Roll – 6cm x 4m (1), Bandage, Triangular – 96cm x 96cm x 136cm (1), Burn Dressing – 40cm x 60cm (1), Butterfly Closure, Adhesive – 10mm x 45mm (5), Cotton Swabs (20), CPR Mask (1), Duct Tape – 24mm x 10m (1), Emergency Blanket – 160cm x 210cm (1), First Aid Tape – 1.25cm x 5m (1), Gauze Pad, ABD – 5″ x 9″ (1), Gauze Pad, Large – 7.5cm x 7.5cm (2), Multitool Knife with LED Light (1), Nitrile Gloves (2), Paracord Survival Bracelet (1), Rain Poncho – 50″ x 80″ (1), Safety Pins – 3.8cm (10), Scissors, Metal – 10cm (1), Splint, Foam & Aluminum (1), Sting Relief Pads – 3cm x 6cm (4), TPE Tourniquet – 2.5cm x 4.5m (1), Tweezers, Metal (1), Wipes, Antiseptic – 15cm x 12cm (6), Wire Saw (1), Waterproof Dry Bag 2L, First Aid Guide, Plastic Bag (3). NOTE: Printed Packing List included in First Aid Kit.

Breakwater Supply is US-based and FDA Registered.


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  1. Guest

    Also got for emergency

  2. Guest

    Use onboard a kayak for emergencies. Waterproof bag seems of good quality and is a better option over hard plastic which might crack and then leak.

  3. Guest

    Bought this as a gift and they loved it! The dry bag itself is amazing quality and there are so many things included. Super impressed and would recommend.

  4. Guest

    Finally – a practical first aid kit for people that enjoy camping, hiking and other outdoor sports. It’s compact but has the products you will likely need – as opposed to being full of fluff that you won’t. A great gift for anyone that loves the outdoors.

  5. Guest

    This survival first aid kit itself is high quality and made in the same fashion as the dry bags that you would purchase for kayaking or canoeing. The size is ideal since it is big enough to have a robust amount of items that would be needed during a crisis situation, but small enough that it will fit under the seat in my Tacoma. However, it would also do well strapped to the outside of a ruck or in some easily accessible place in a boat or kayak. It is made of tough material so I do not anticipate snags being a serious issue, provided it is not subjected to excessive wear.

    After years in the military, the content reminds me of the things we had in our “combat life saver” bags. All of the needed things to perform self aid or buddy aid are present provided one has the appropriate level of training and familiarity with the items. This survival first aid kit seems to be designed for the more typical outdoors injuries of small cuts, burns, and abrasions. It does not come with things that are more suited to higher level trauma and wound care, such as Isreali bandages. Therefore, if you are looking for something outside of the hunting or combat realm, this survival first aid kit will suffice for nearly everyone.

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