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Stay Ready: 5 Things to do in the Off-Season to Get Ready for Summer Adventures

Breakwater Supply Fogland Backpack on Ice
If getting outside in the winter isn’t for you, you still need to stay ready for what “post-winter” brings.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, and particularly the northeastern US, we’re getting a heavy dose of winter right now. Unless you’re active and moving around, it’s generally uncomfortable, with colder temperatures, snow and ice, and winter winds that howl for days.

Safe to say, winter’s not the best season to work on your tan. But that’s not to say there’s not fun to be had. Ask the skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers, snowshoers, ice-fishers – and ice climbers – that love this time of year. Not only is it visually stunning, but it challenges us to adapt and approach the outdoors from a different angle.

But if getting outside in the winter isn’t for you, you still need to stay ready for what “post-winter” brings. Below, we go over 5 things you shouldn’t overlook as you prepare for your best year yet.

  • Stay in shape. Like other animals, humans slow down in the winter. And there’s some peer-pressure to lean towards packing on the pounds. Make sure you keep in shape throughout the winter, even if it means dragging yourself to the gym. Sure, you can scale back, but make sure to pay attention to your fitness, because if you put the task of “getting in shape” on your spring To-Do List, you might be asking too much. In the unfortunate event you get injured or just don’t have the time once spring comes along, it will be that much harder to claw back your fitness.
  • Plan and research. The reason we added “research” to this is simple: the world is increasingly complex. You can have the best plans in the world, but did you know the Park is closed the second week in May because it’s mud season? Or that you need a permit to drive on the sand to launch your kayak? These are just examples, but make sure to do the research. Mapping out your route and booking your stays is a start, but understand the nuances of your adventure before you get out the door. Winter is a great time to do this.
  • Be prepared for emergencies. Always have a comprehensive first aid kit. Whether it’s back at the truck, in your backpack, or hooked up to your kayak/boat, make sure your first aid kit is versatile enough so that you can buy yourself time in case of emergency. The Breakwater Supply Survival First Aid Kit is an advanced, comprehensive first aid kit (AFAK) and comes pre-packed with everything you’d need in emergency situations, including an emergency blanket, compressive and absorbent bandages, a multi-tool, survival splint, survival bracelet, and more. It’s also packed in a waterproof dry bag with a heavy-duty carabiner to keep it where it needs to be. Below: Breakwater Supply Survival Waterproof First Aid Kit
Breakwater Supply Survival Waterproof First Aid Kit
  • Sharpen your skills. Similar to staying in shape, but you can mark these down as New Year’s Resolutions. If this is the year you land the big one, you might need to add a few more knots to your arsenal (we’re partial to the Palomar knot). Or if you’re a photographer, you can use the winter months to study techniques you can use out in the field. Don’t slow down – stay sharp. This applies to us all.
  • Get your gear right. The off-season is a time to purge old gear that might not be working for you, and bring in something new. Whether it’s more versatile, weighs less, or it can more efficiently handle your lifestyle, have your gear closet ready so when the good weather gets here, you can get out there with gear you’re excited to use. One uniquely innovative product to be excited about is the Breakwater Supply Fogland Backpack – it’s completely waterproof and fully submersible, making it a top pick for kayaking, jet-skiing, boating, hiking, and surfing. And it’s a great choice in the winter too. Below: Breakwater Supply Fogland Waterproof Backpack in 25L and 15L sizes.

Though the points above require some effort, keep them in mind as winter goes on. Having these things to focus on will keep you prepared and help you maximize your time once the good weather comes along. And before you know it, another epic year will be yours in the making.

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Holiday Gear Guide: Best Outdoor Gifts for 2022

Before the Holiday music starts playing in every store you visit, we rounded up 3 of our picks for the best stocking stuffers and outdoor gifts of the 2022 Holiday Season.

1. Stocking Stuffer Must-Have: Breakwater Supply Waterproof Survival First Aid Kit

Our Waterproof Survival First Aid Kit is exceptional: it’s top-rated on Amazon, and at its price it’s simply the best first aid survival kit you’ll find. It has a small size (fits in a stocking) and features items you won’t find in other kits, among them being a 12-inch foam/aluminum survival splint, which is crucial for supporting potential fractures or sprains. It also features an emergency blanket, poncho, multiple compressive and absorbent gauze pads and wraps, and even a paracord bracelet and multitool.

Not to mention the entire kit is lightweight (1.4 lbs) and 100% waterproof. It clips onto backpacks, boats, and other gear with a non-corrosive locking carabiner. Comes in Classic Red, as well as Stealth Black. Find it on our website or at Amazon.

Best Survival First Aid Kit

Tip: you might be asking if we’re running any Holiday Sales.
Click here to check WeThrift to see what offers we’re currently running!

2. For Travelers and Adventurers: Breakwater Supply Fogland Waterproof Backpack

Our latest technical bag, the Fogland Waterproof Backpack meets IP67 standards for complete waterproof protection. It’s the top waterproof backpack available for the outdoors, travel, and commuting. Using our popular Explorer Waterproof Backpack as the basis for the Fogland, we tweaked the design by putting snagless water bottle pockets on each side, plus we added lash tabs and smaller pull loops on each side of the airtight front pocket.

Best Waterproof Camera Backpack Breakwater Supply Fogland Backpack
Fogland 25L Waterproof Backpack in Stealth Black

Since we received many requests to create a small waterproof backpack, we also created the Fogland Lite 15L. The material we use for our Fogland Backpack is amazing: it’s double-side-coated 420D Hydrowall TPU on our Stealth Black and Fog White colorways, and we also offer a limited-edition Safari Tan CORDURA Ripstop version. (Note: our CORDURA Ripstop is currently sold out, with new stock arriving later in the year.)

Best Waterproof Backpack Breakwater Supply Fogland Backpack
Fogland Lite 15L Waterproof Backpack in Fog White

The Breakwater Supply Fogland Backpack features a standard-sized laptop sleeve, is fully submersible, and offers more functionality than any other waterproof backpack on the market. When compared to the YETI Panga 28, the Filson Backpack Dry Bag, the Patagonia Guidewater, and the Fishpond Thunderhead, the Breakwater Supply Fogland Backpack costs 50% less, is lighter (2.1 lbs compared to almost 4 lbs for the YETI and Filson), and features a smaller front submersible pocket for your phone. None of the other backpacks mentioned offer a second submersible pocket.

The Fogland Backpack is made of the same durable TPU-coated material as the backpacks mentioned, and has fast-drying ergonomic straps and a molded EVA back panel. We paid special attention to making the Fogland Backpack comfortable enough for all-day activity, even when paddling and backpacking.

The Fogland Backpack is ideal for travel, hiking, water sports (such as jet-skiing, scuba diving, kayaking, fishing, and paddleboarding), and because it’s completely stormproof, it’s the best wet-weather backpack for hurricanes and flood-prone environments. It’s also the best backpack for wild swimming – the Fogland 25L will float when filled with up to 50 lbs of contents.

Breakwater Supply Fogland Backpack Collection
Fogland 25L and Fogland Lite 15L

For a truly submersible waterproof backpack that will be the best outdoor gift for that special someone, click here to order the Breakwater Supply Fogland Waterproof Backpack on our website.

3. For the Kayaker or Paddleboarder: Breakwater Supply Meanhigh Dry Bag Waterproof Backpack

Redesigned for 2023, the Breakwater Supply Meanhigh Dry Bag Waterproof Backpack is our sleek, super-comfortable dry bag backpack that offers complete waterproof protection (up to IPX6). Though not designed for extended submersion, it floats on the surface so it’s a great choice for water sports like kayaking, paddleboarding, and boating. At 25L, it’s spacious enough to fit up to 5 beach towels, plus extra gear. Sleek, snagless water bottle pockets on each side are new for 2023, as is the lash tab on the front.

Order on our website, or click here to order on Amazon.

breakwater supply meanhigh dry back rolltop waterproof backpack
Meanhigh Dry Bag Backpack in Cormorant Black
Our advice: knock out your holiday shopping early, and take some extra time to enjoy the outdoors.

For questions, reach out to us on Instagram (@breakwatersupply), Facebook, or via email at