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The Fogland Waterproof (and Submersible) Backpack is here for 2022!

Breakwater Supply Fogland Waterproof Backpack lineup 2022
You put your life in your backpack, figuratively – so when you close that zipper, feel completely confident your gear is safe, dry, and protected.

If you’ve been following us on social media (@breakwatersupply on Instagram and, you may have seen us announce the limited release of the Fogland Backpack. This represents our second collection of fully waterproof, submersible backpacks that offer uncompromising protection for your gear.

Though many companies out there advertise their bags/backpacks being waterproof, the truth is, there are only a handful that provide the same level of protection as the Fogland Backpack. But before we proceed, we want to cover one thing: no roll-top backpack provides the same level of protection as our zippered backpacks do. The roll-top does not create a lasting airtight seal, as air will eventually leak through the rolled area. But our zippers create a permanent airtight seal for long-lasting waterproof protection.

With that being said, the reason there are very few products out there like this is because it’s very expensive to manufacturer them. But creating these high-quality products is what drives us, and we’re proud of the R&D that goes into them. So let’s get into the details.

Here’s how the Fogland Backpack was developed to meet IP67 standards and is 100% waterproof, airtight, and fully submersible:

1. Fully Waterproof Material: our fully-waterproof, super-strong Hydrowall 420D Nylon TPU is everything an outdoor textile should be: lightweight, 100% waterproof, wipes clean, and it’s virtually indestructible – it’s completely tear-proof and resists abrasions and stains.

2. Welded Seams: the Fogland Backpack exclusively uses welded seams, with zero stitching – instead, the edges of each panel are fused together using an advanced construction process called radio-frequency welding. These seams are permanent, with zero gaps, to ensure water, snow, sand, and dirt stay out.

3. Drysuit-Grade Airtight Zippers: both the main compartment and smaller front pocket feature large-tooth, non-corrosive airtight zippers – the same used on diving drysuits.

Breakwater Supply Drysuit-Grade Airtight Zippers

The Fogland Backpack’s been rigorously tested to be fully submersible and completely waterproof, meeting IP67 waterproof standards. Seen below, we loaded it up with a laptop, smartphone, towel, and 40 lbs (18kg) of weights. With all of the weight, it still floats, and most importantly, everything is completely dry.

This guaranteed waterproof protection gives you the freedom to explore further, stay outside longer, and finally stop worrying about your gear!

The Fogland Backpack comes in two sizes (15L & 25L) and two colors (Stealth Black and Fog White) and it’s perfect for adventure, travel, and your day-to-day.

To get the Fogland Backpack before it hits retail (and at a discount!), preorder directly on our website at They’re coming in October 2022, and you’ll be emailed with tracking as soon as they ship. We truly can’t wait to get these into your hands we’re as excited to ship them out as you are to get them!