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The Joys of Summer Vacation

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Remember that feeling you got coming back to school in September, and you couldn’t wait to tell everyone what you did on vacation, because you just knew how epic it was?

Well, summer comes once a year, and everything that made Summer Vacation the best time as a kid is still out there. The hikes, the lookouts, the picnics, the cookouts, the swimming holes, the amusement park, the pick-up basketball games, and the sunsets that bookended those summer days.

Unless you work in education, you don’t get a Summer “Vacation” anymore. But the point is, that same excitement you got from summer camp still exists – whether it’s crushing a triathlon, landing a monster striper, or summitting Mount Monadnock. And now that you’re an adult, you can go way, way farther than ever before – you don’t have to rely on your parents driving you around. Summer is truly yours.

Each trip around the sun gets us 3, 4, maybe 5 months of peak summer, and it’s your responsibility to maximize them. Come September, we all want to feel like that kid who had the greatest summer vacation, ever.

Ever try wild swimming? If you’ve ever jumped in the water at a place that wasn’t a swimming pool or a beach, you probably have. In the US, we know these spots as swimming holes, but in Europe they call it “wild swimming.” Pictured is Gwen at a swimming hole alongside our floating, submersible Breakwater Supply Fogland Lite 15L waterproof backpack, which makes a perfect wild swimming companion.