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Why the Breakwater Supply Waterproof First Aid Kit is the Best Outdoor Gift Stocking Stuffer (and it’s under $50!)

Outdoor Gifts Stocking Stuffers under $50 Breakwater Supply Waterproof Survival First Aid Kit
Whether for boaters, kayakers, SUP’ers/surfers, or those who love fishing, hunting, camping, and the outdoors, the Breakwater Supply Waterproof First Aid Kit is the ultimate stocking stuffer for outdoor gearheads – and it’s under $50!

We have a passion for creating high-performing waterproof gear, and one of our best-selling waterproof products, especially during the Holiday Season, is our Waterproof Survival First Aid Kit. These mini (2L) dry bags are stuffed full of medical supplies and emergency tools for outdoor preparedness.

The Breakwater Supply Waterproof First Aid Kit has become a popular outdoor accessory for a few reasons, among them being value. After all, it’s rare to even find a worthwhile sub-$50 gift nowadays. Containing over 100 items (Marine First Aid Kit) or 101 items (Survival First Aid Kit), these kits offer unrivaled performance for the money, starting with the mini dry bag itself.

The high-quality 2L dry bag is IPX6 waterproof and is made with phthalate-free PVC that meets strict European regs. It features a heavy-duty locking carabiner, reflective First Aid symbol for added safety, and is flexible enough to go where hard cases don’t – meaning if you want to stash it inside your backpack, boat, or vehicle, you can easily cram it into a tight spot.

The variety of supplies includes a 12-inch foam/aluminum survival splint, which is crucial for supporting potential fractures or sprains. Also included is an emergency blanket, rain poncho, multiple compressive and absorbent gauze pads and wraps, as well as a paracord bracelet (with fire starter) and a small multitool with pliers.

But the main reason that this is the best stocking stuffer it’s the PERFECT fit inside a stocking! Dimensions are 10″ tall and 4″ diameter. And if your stockings are hung by the chimney with care, don’t worry – at only 1.3lbs (with all supplies), the lightweight Breakwater Supply Waterproof Survival First Aid Kit won’t bring down the mantle. And being a very compact waterproof first aid kit, it’s portable enough to bring with you on your boat, kayak, ATV, or while hiking.

These are currently in stock and ship out immediately, so pick up a 2-pack at a 10% discount and start stuffing those stockings! Link:

We wish you the best as you enjoy the Holiday Season!

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