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A Duck Hunting Waterproof Backpack? Look here.

Best Waterproof Backpack for Duck Hunting, Breakwater Supply Fogland Waterproof Backpack with Decoys

Shifting seasons requires a swap of gear, especially if you’re a sportsman.

You’re a rare breed with a special connection to nature.

Whether you’re a waterfowler, an upland bird hunter, or a turkey hunter, you’re a rare breed with a special connection to nature. The passion required to get up before the sun on those cold, dark mornings is special, as is the gear required to keep your stuff safe from the elements.

Inspired by this pastime, we introduce our Fogland 25L in a Marsh Green colorway. It’s exactly the same as our existing Fogland line, but designed to blend in with nature. It’s built of our 420D Hydrowall TPU and all capability remains the same: completely submersible and 100% waterproof, and the two lash tabs and lash straps can be used to secure your rifle, shotgun, or muzzleloader.

As an homage to anyone looking for the best waterproof backpack for duck hunting, shop our Marsh Green Fogland 25L by clicking here.

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Best Waterproof Backpack of 2023: Breakwater Supply Fogland Backpack

Breakwater Supply Fogland Waterproof Backpack in front of kayak

You want a backpack with complete protection for your laptop, camera equipment, smartphone, as well as items for school, travel, and work. And you want to be able to use it for just about everything, including weekends of adventure: kayaking, fishing, hiking, surfing, boating.

As for your non-weekend adventures, are you a commuter who rides a bike to work or school? Do you spend time dashing back and forth to the gym no matter the weather?

And on to the bigger (pun intended) question: what size backpack is comfortable for your everyday use?

In this guide, we’re going to look at options that are fully IP68 waterproof, which means they’ll not only protect against splashes and rain, but they’re also completely submersible. Keep in mind that unless you look for a submersible backpack, anything that advertises itself to be “waterproof” is generally only water-resistant. But a submersible backpack is truly 100% waterproof, and can be put underwater for an extended period of time without letting any moisture inside.

Zippers are Crucial to True Waterproof Protection

Almost all backpacks that feature a roll-top design are not 100% waterproof, even though they may be advertised as such. Roll-top backpacks will protect against splashes, but will not prevent leaks when exposed to heavy rain or submerged in water.

Airtight zippers are what you really want. They’ll protect against complete submersion and intense weather. They’re also much easier to use and less cumbersome versus roll-top backpacks. The drawback to airtight zippers is often their price, because incorporating an airtight zipper means you’re adding a very expensive component to the backpack. However, airtight zippers are worth the added expense for the peace of mind they offer while providing completely waterproof protection.

Materials and Seams

In addition to zippers, the material has to be fully waterproof, and the seams where the panels meet have to be sonically welded to avoid the pinholes that form when stitching.

As far as materials, TPU-coated fabric is what you want: it’s non-toxic, doesn’t break down, and is extremely durable. However, TPU is just the coating. The actual fabric that’s being coated can range from extremely thin to very thick, and this is usually reflected in the price. Thicker TPU-coated fabric will hold its shape and is effectively molded-in-place, leading to a very unique product.

Top Options

Take a look at the comparison table below:

Material (Higher = Thicker)420D TPU~1200D TPU840D TPU900D TPU~210T TPU~210T TPU
Weight2.0 lbs3.9 lbs3 lbs3.1 lbs1.7 lbs2.3 lbs
Airtight ZippersDrysuit-Grade (Large-Tooth)Drysuit-Grade (Large-Tooth)Drysuit-Grade (Large-Tooth)TRU-ZipSmall-Tooth (with Zipper Grease)Small-Tooth (with Zipper Grease)
Number of Airtight Pockets2 (Main and Front)1 (Main Compartment Only)1 (Main Compartment Only)1 (Main Compartment Only)1 (Main Compartment Only)1 (Main Compartment Only)
PaddingFast-Drying, Non-Abrasive Neoprene and EVAFast-Drying, Non-Abrasive Neoprene and EVAFast-Drying, Non-Abrasive FoamFast-Drying, Non-Abrasive Neoprene and EVAAbrasive, Slow-Drying Open MeshAbrasive, Slow-Drying Open Mesh
Inflation ValveYesYes
Waist PocketsYesYes
Side Pockets2 (Mesh)2 (Mesh and Zip)1 (Mesh)2 (Both Mesh)
Comparison Table of Waterproof Backpacks. Note: “~” refers to an estimated fabric weight, since the exact weight is unpublished.

Weight and Round-Up

As far as weight, Yeti’s Panga comes in at 3.9 lbs, Filson’s Dry Backpack weighs 3 lbs, and Fishpond’s Thunderhead is 3.1 lbs. The Breakwater Supply Fogland Submersible Backpack weighs 2.0 lbs.

All told, the Breakwater Supply Fogland Backpack is an extremely lightweight, versatile bag that protects all your gear and electronics with fast-drying, non-abrasive padding, an extra smaller front pocket, and a buckle strap for bulky items. It’s got reflective features for safety and uses premium airtight zippers as well. Price-wise, the Fogland Backpack is almost 50% less than the Yeti Panga ($300) and Filson Dry Backpack ($365).

Given all of these factors, it’s why the Breakwater Supply Fogland Backpack is the best waterproof backpack out there, and offers an amazing value at its price.

You can find the Fogland Backpack on our website or click here to purchase from Amazon.